About the Team


Alexander Busold
Picture: © Privat

Alexander Busold has founded the Her.Tietz Initiative and works as a Program Manager for a civil society organization committed to strengthening democratic spaces and minority rights. He is a senior fellow of Humanity in Action (HIA) and an alumnus of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Alexander studied public policy, economics and management at the Hertie School and at Zeppelin Universität in Germany, India and Argentina.

Lars Mehwald
Picture: © Privat

Lars Mehwald works as a science manager for a large research organization. He works in the fields of digital transformation and strategic initiatives. He studied Public Policy at the Hertie School and International Relations at the TU Dresden. He is an alumnus of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

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Laura Franken
Picture: © Privat

Laura Franken works as a Project Manager for a private sector sustainability network. Her work focuses on issues in the fields of Business & Human Rights as well as Sustainable Finance. She studied Public Policy at the Hertie School and Political Science at the Freie Universiät Berlin and at SciencesPo Paris. She is an alumna of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Max Tirey
Picture: © Privat

Max Tirey is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in International Affairs at the Hertie School. His studies focus on responsible business. Before Hertie he worked for four years in the financial technology sector in Massachusetts, USA, specializing in process design and earning a CLFP certification. He received a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in European History and German Studies from Union College in Schenectady, New York.

Sarah Delere
Picture: © Privat

Sarah Delere is a researcher at a Hamburg based think tank working on international relations and is pursuing her PhD in social ethics at the University of Frankfurt in parallel. Sarah studied History, Political Science and Catholic Theology at the Free University in Berlin and the University of Cambridge / UK and received a Masters of Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance and the American University in Cairo / Egypt. She received scholarships from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation and the Cusanuswerk.

Torben Klausa
Picture: © Privat

Torben Klausa is a PhD student and journalist, researching and reporting on digital platform regulation. He studied Public Policy at the Hertie School in Berlin, as well as law and political science in Bonn and Washington, DC. Before his PhD, he has worked in the German Bundestag and the digital association Bitkom on digital policy challenges. His research is supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

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