Successes and Goals

For three years, the Her.Tietz Initiative has advocated for transparent research and pursued commemoration of the history of the Jewish owned Herrmann Tietz department stores, including its connection to the modern Hertie Foundation and Hertie School. While we have achieved significant progress, some demands remain unfulfilled. We believe that addressing these demands is required to constructively build a democratic and tolerant Hertie community.

1. The Hertie Foundation commissioned a historical study.1. There are currently several historians researching the history of the Tietz family and the provenience of the assets of the Hertie Foundation. The researchers need to have access to all required resources and the findings should be transparently published and debated.
2. The Karg-Stiftung (managing assets that also formerly belonged to the Tietz family) commissioned another historical study.2. The Hertie Foundation and the non-charitable Hertie Foundation commissioned pre-studies on this topic several years ago. This currently unpublished studies should be made accessible.
3. The history of the Tietz family is described on Hertie Foundation’s homepage.3. The first steps towards an open culture of commemoration have been taken. The Hertie Foundation and the Hertie School should further this effort by continuing recently established events and information sources. The foundation and school should also continue developing new events and information sources within the Hertie community.
4. The Hertie School implemented an information board, started an event series and raised the topic during orientation week with new incoming students.
5. Generally, there is better access to information on the topic, especially in English.

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